Bernard sitting with his owners, who are wearing Christmas jumpers

Puppy born homeless has first Christmas in loving home

All Bernard and his siblings knew when they first arrived in the world is the buzz of a vet surgery.

Maggie, their mum, had run into difficulties during labour and needed a C-section to deliver her precious pups safely. Sadly, due the complications, one didn’t make it.

Nobody ever arrived to pick up poor Maggie and her litter of tiny dachshund-crosses and soon, the family found themselves in the care of our rehoming centre in Suffolk.

Susie Winship, Animal Welfare Assistant, recalls: “Maggie was a very protective mum so was understandably a little unsure for her first few days at the centre and became very distressed if the puppies were ever out of her sight.” 

Thankfully, our modern centre in Suffolk has a dedicated puppy unit, with special facilities that house, care and rehome up to 80 puppies each year.

It ensures our team can provide litters with all the important early socialisation they need, such as household sounds. The centre also has a puppy pushchair so that puppies, not yet protected by vaccines, can experience the sights and smells of the outside world safely, without risking infection.

Bernard and his siblings in the centre's puppy pushchair

All of this expert care ensured that Bernard, along with brother Bertie and sister Beryl, grew up as confident puppies, and so it wasn’t long before they all found wonderful homes.

Maggie, four, also found a loving family after watching her puppies fly the nest.

Bernard, now six months old, went to live with Michael O’Sullivan and his partner Amy in Kent. He continues to thrive, attending regular puppy classes and joining the couple on many adventures.

Bernard at this park with his owners, beside a mulled wine stall
Bernard has lots to look forward to this Christmas

Michael says: “It has been really rewarding rehoming Bernard and giving him a better start. It has been great to see him grow up in a new, loving home.

“He’s quite a cheeky chappy, a little bit like our shadow – he follows us around. And we get out a lot more now. Life is a lot more active.

“Having Bernard really has made a house a home and it’s really lovely having him around.

Bernard sitting on his owner's lap on a park  bench

"He’s always up to something, investigating something or being mischievous, but we wouldn’t change him for the world.”

For Bernard’s first Christmas, he can look forward to opening presents and curling up beside his new owners and wider family, in a warm and loving home. All made possible by Blue Cross and the kind supporters that ensure pets like him get the second shot at happiness they deserve.

And, just as the fate has been changed for this once-homeless puppy, he’s transformed the lives of Michael and Amy, who wouldn’t be without him.

— Page last updated 22/12/2021