Puppy facing death given second chance at life

A black French bulldog puppy lies on a blanket in a veterinary hospital kennel. She looks sad. Her left eye has a red bulge in the corner.
Blue Cross saved Cherry's life when her breeder requested euthanasia over treatment

A French bulldog is not letting three legs get in the way of her enjoying being a puppy after she was given a second chance at life.

Sixteen-week-old Cherry came into Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria, London, just a few days before Christmas.

She had been taken into a private vet in London by a breeder who had requested having her put down after vets found the puppy had a fractured elbow and would need to have the leg amputated, and that she also needed surgery for cherry eye.

Thankfully for Cherry, the vet convinced the breeder to sign the puppy over to Blue Cross for the treatment she needed and rehoming, rather than ending her young life before it had really begun.

Black French bulldog Cherry is cuddled on the lap of a Blue Cross member of staff. The focus of the image is on Cherry, and the staff member is in the background and partially seen. Cherry has three legs and a red bulge in the corner of her left eye can just be seen.
Cherry is now learning to walk on three legs with help from our Southampton team.

Vets at Blue Cross amputated her left leg and will also treat the cherry eye in her left eye.

Alison Thomas, Head of Veterinary Services at Blue Cross, said: “The type of fracture and cherry eye are both conditions that are more commonly seen by vets in French bulldogs, however there is no evidence to suggest this is due to body shape as with brachycephalic issues, or that they’re specifically linked to breed genetics. 

“Such fractures can have life altering impacts on a pet as they are very painful and can be very difficult to repair meaning in some cases the treatment with the best outcome is amputation, as was the case for Cherry.

“Due to her young age, and the fact Cherry is a flat-faced breed, the anaesthetic needed during surgery was more complex and higher risk than for a dog with a normal head shape.”

Following treatment, Cherry was transferred to Blue Cross’s rehoming centre in Southampton to continue her recovery and rehabilitation in a foster home.

Initially she struggled to adjust to having just three legs, but with work from the team at the centre she is slowly getting back on all paws.

Once she is ready, the team will put her up for rehoming to find a new family for Cherry.

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— Page last updated 17/02/2022