Rocky lying on light blue floor looking up

Little fighter

Rocky’s tiny body was broken and battered  – but emergency care saved his life…

Nothing could have prepared our team for the horrific injuries they uncovered in poor little Rocky. 

The sweet kitten arrived at the doors of our Victoria animal hospital in central London in December aged four months, with a head wound and a suspected broken leg. 

More worryingly, he appeared to be struggling to breathe. And X-rays soon revealed a devastating raft of injuries, indicative of a past filled with sadness, abuse and neglect.

Our team was shocked and saddened but immediately got to work saving Rocky’s life. 

London Welfare Officer, Amanda Rumball, says: “X-rays confirmed two broken bones in his right front leg. But what we were not expecting was 13 fractured ribs, all at different stages of healing.

“Rocky also had an infection and was sneezing discharge and blood from his nose. He was struggling to breathe; most likely due to the pain he was in with his ribs and chest.” 

Rocky lying on floor looking to camera

Rocky was put straight on a strong ketamine drip to control the pain as well as antibiotics to treat his respiratory condition.

And once he was stable, we got to work repairing his shattered bones.

A tough two months on strict crate rest then lay ahead for the kitten.  And he needed a foster home for both his heart and body to heal, and Amanda didn’t hesitate to step in. 

Rocky in Amanda's arms looking to camera
Rocky was in safe hands with us

She explains: “Rocky needed time, both physically and mentally, to recover from the ordeal he had endured for the first months of his life.” 

Amanda continues: “But we took everything at his pace, and he grew a little more in confidence each day.

“Despite all he had been through in his short little life, Rocky was still such a sweet boy and so gentle. We had to teach him that humans can be kind and reassure him that life was on the up.” 

Rocky playing with a toy on the floor

And on the up it most certainly was. Rocky couldn’t have hoped for any more love than that showered on him by Amanda and her other pets, who immediately took him under their wings. 

Sadly, the head trauma Rocky suffered has left him with lifelong brain damage and sinus problems, but it doesn’t dampen his zest for life.

And, once he was out of the crate, there was no stopping him.

Rocky lying on vet table under anaesthetic while a vet examins him
Rocky was rushed into emergency care when he arrived

Unsurprisingly, this brave and loving boy soon stole Amanda’s heart, and it wasn’t long before she decided that he’d be staying with her. 

“He settled in so well and he will most likely need daily nursing care for life,” says Amanda. 

“I just want to make sure he has everything he needs to have a happy and healthy future. 

Rocky in Amanda's arms looking to camera

“His eye has to be bathed due to a blocked tear duct and his nose cleaned multiple times as he has a constant stream of discharge, which at times I find up my wall and on my sofa – it’s just as well I love him. 

“He is a real sweet cat, getting more and more playful by the day. And he loves his almost-daily visits from the Amazon man, bringing him new presents. He deserves nothing but the very best in life.” 

Rocky now spends his days exploring Amanda’s garden and loves to chirp at the birds, before settling down for snuggles with her and his four-legged family. 

Rocky happy in his new home, clutching his favourite orange fish toy
Rocky in his new home with his favourite fish toy

Despite all the pain in his past, Rocky couldn’t have a brighter future ahead of him, thanks to Amanda and the Blue Cross team who saved his life. 

Amanda adds: “I can’t imagine life without him now. He makes me smile every day.

“The vet team may have saved his life, but this sweet bundle of energy has changed mine for the better.”

— Page last updated 28/09/2021