Sick stray kitten nursed back to health

Thomas 1

A poorly stray kitten who Blue Cross battled for weeks to save has found a happy home.

Little Thomas came into our care in early January, after being found in a member of the public’s garden struggling to keep up with his mother and sibling.

Thomas surprised
Thomas looking much healthier - and happier - recovering in foster care

He was suffering with a severe stomach infection which had left him underweight, dehydrated and terribly weak. On top of that, he also had worms and was covered in fleas.

It was so much for an eight-week-old kitten to cope with, and our veterinary team weren’t sure if the kitten would pull through, despite their round-the-clock care.

Tests revealed that Thomas had a nasty bacterial infection in his gut, and he was put on antibiotics, fluids and a special diet.

He remained very sick for a couple of weeks, but then slowly started to gain strength and find his appetite.

After spending weeks at our Victoria animal hospital in central London and then some further time recovering in foster care, Thomas was back on his paws and went to our Cambridge rehoming centre.

He found a home within a few days and is due to set off for his new life soon.

Amanda Marrington, Animal Welfare Officer, said: “Thomas was so poorly when he first arrived, it was really touch and go as to whether he would make it.

“But he was a real little fighter, and despite being so poorly for so long, he was determined to get better and we did everything we could to help him.

“After he had gone through so much at such a young age, it was lovely to see his cheeky kitten character start to shine through as he got better.

“Everyone at Victoria fell in love with him, especially since he was with us for so long, so we were sad to see him go but couldn’t be happier that he has found a wonderful home.”

— Page last updated 10/02/2017