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Three-legged Pippa set for first Christmas filled with love

It’s impossible to imagine the pain and fear that Pippa must have endured as she dragged her tiny, injured body around the streets.

The four-year-old Jack Russell was found as a stray, struggling to walk due to a fractured pelvis and blind in one eye, as well as suffering with a nasty ear infection which impaired her hearing.

It’s not known if Pippa was abandoned with her injuries or caught up in an accident afterwards, but her pelvis had been left untreated for some time and had begun to heal in the wrong position.

Pippa is looking forward to Christmas in her new home.

She arrived at Blue Cross two weeks before Christmas last year and spent the festive period in pain in our kennels, as our vets carried out tests to determine how best to treat the poor girl’s injuries.

Soon after, Pippa, whose blindness is thought to be due to a birth defect, was admitted to our Victoria animal hospital in central London.

Sadly, her pelvis was beyond repair because the injury had gone untreated for so long and her right hind leg needed to be amputated to prevent a lifetime of agony.

But while last Christmas – and potentially every one before that – was a time of misery for Pippa, this year she can look forward to one filled with the love she deserves.

Once she had recovered from her operation and started to adjust to life on three legs, she went home with new owners Leslie and Avis Moore to Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Pippa has been in her new home for almost 11 months and this once traumatised girl couldn’t be happier. Her new family are pretty smitten, too.

Avis said: “At times she loves to sit on your lap and loves the cuddles, and at other times she wants to play, and other times she just likes to be by herself. She is a little sweetie."

Leslie and Avis’s daughter had spotted Pippa on the Blue Cross website and urged her parents, who were grieving for their previous dog who died a month before, to visit her.

The rest is history. And despite her terrible background, Pippa settled into family life with ease.

She did, however, require house training, which indicates that she had never lived in a home environment before.

Other small traits in her behaviour also point towards her sad background.

“She was a bit wary of noisy vehicles passing at first, which makes sense if she was hit by a car,” said Avis

Leslie said: “For ages she hated it when we left her. She does suffer from anxiety. But we only really leave her when we go shopping.”

But one thing’s for sure – life on three legs most definitely isn’t holding her back.

On the day Blue Cross visits, Pippa is happily bounding around without a care in the world in the back garden and had a walk across the fields behind her home to look forward to later on.

“She’s slower when she’s walking about and just tends to hop, but if you see her in the field on a long lead you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with her,” said Avis.

“She runs like the wind!” added Leslie.

Between walks and exploring her garden, Pippa loves nothing more than to sit and watch the world go by in the conservatory. At night, she is carried upstairs to her basket so that she can sleep soundly in the knowledge that her doting owners are close.

And Christmas will be no exception for Pippa, who can also look forward to playing with Leslie and Avis’s grandson, aged seven, over the festive period.

“This Christmas all the family will be round. Pippa loves our grandson – she plays with him for hours. He throws her toys for her and she follows him around everywhere.”

Avis added: “If you’ve been out, you come home and she’s there and she wants to greet you and give you kisses, she’s just such a lovable little thing. We’re lucky to have her.”

Everyone was amazed when Pippa came to us in her sorry state – for a dog that had been through so much and been let down so badly she was still so friendly and loving and wanted a cuddle with everyone - it was heart breaking!" Kirsten Findlay, Rehoming Supervisor at Kimpton

Kirsten Findlay, Rehoming Supervisor at Kimpton, who also fostered Pippa for a few weeks, said: “Everyone was amazed when Pippa came to us in her sorry state – for a dog that had been through so much and been let down so badly she was still so friendly and loving and wanted a cuddle with everyone - it was heart breaking!

“When she recovered from her amputation, you wouldn’t have thought she had ever been any different; it is always a surprise how resilient an animal can be after such a trauma.

“We wish her a very happy Christmas with her wonderful family this year and many more to come.”

— Page last updated 21/12/2016