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Stray dog Dottie needs a home

Dottie has been in Blue Cross care for four months.

A stray dog is in on the mend after months of rehabilitation and medical treatment.

Dottie has been in the care of Blue Cross’s Hertfordshire rehoming centre since mid-December after being found wandering the streets of a nearby town.

Vets found that the eight-year-old jack russell had discomfort in her joints and several lumps on her body which needed further investigation before she could be put up for rehoming.

But Dottie immediately started struggling with kennel life.

Sarah Miller, Animal Welfare Assistant, said: “She found it very stressful. Dottie was very vocal in kennels and would pace back and forth during the day and at night.

“So our main concern, to begin with, was her mental well-being at the centre as her stress levels were potentially affecting her health further, as the continuous pacing and jumping in her kennel was putting more pressure on her legs and joints.”

Thankfully, the centre was able to find kind foster carers for Dottie to put her at ease in a home environment while she continued with her medical treatment.

And to everyone’s relief, the lumps on her body were not found to be cancerous and have been removed successfully.

“The vet believes that this will be curative and not affect Dottie’s health further,” Sarah added.

Dottie is now on the lookout for a patient, quiet and understanding home where she has someone around for most of the day.

She has been experiencing high levels of separation anxiety in her foster home, which both her carers and the behaviour team have been working on to help her overcome. She has made good progress, but this training will need to be continued in her new home.

“When one person leaves the home, even when there is still someone else in the home with her, Dottie becomes distressed for a couple of hours until their return,” explained Sarah.

Sarah continued: "She needs quite an understanding home that can be patient for her and aware of the timescale Dottie may need - it is going to take potentially longer than average to get more comfortable in her new home.

“But this wonderful girl is the best companion. She just loves to be around people and would love nothing more than to spend all of her time with you.

“She really enjoys her walks, snuggling on the sofa and playing with her squeaky toys.”

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