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Tips for your purrfect paw-ty

Planning is the key to any successful event. To make your tea party the best, here are some quick headliner tips.

Select a date

Pick a date that suits.

Select a time

Think about the best time of day to hold your event, when are people you are inviting likely to be free.

Choose a venue

Choose a venue that fits your size of party. For example if it’s for your friends and family, host it at home or in your garden.

Plan your day

Invite everyone you know. Make your guests feel special and send a personal party invite using the invitations in your pack, or download below.

Baking time

Plan in your baking time. If you are unsure what to bake then check out the recipe cards in your fundraising pack, or see them here. If you don’t have time to bake or baking isn’t your cup of tea, then ask a friend to help or buy some cakes from your local supermarket.

Raise the most

Paws for Tea is about having fun but also about raising as much money as possible for the pets in our care. Remember to put your collection box out with the Gift Aid form, price your cakes and raise the stakes with our fun competition. When you have your final fundraising total you can pay it in here.

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Get in touch

If you need any other help in organising your tea party, please do not hesitate to email: [email protected]