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Why sponsor a pet?

Why sponsor a pet

Blue Cross pet sponsorship is an exciting way to help unwanted pets with nowhere else to turn

At Blue Cross we believe every pet deserves to live a healthy life in a happy home. We do everything we can to find new homes for unwanted pets as soon as possible. We give them all the love, care and attention they need and do our best to make them feel safe and comfortable in our rehoming centres - but there is no substitute for being part of a family in a loving home. 

Being a sponsor means you are giving vital funds to help care for homeless and unwanted pets until we find them the new homes they badly need and deserve.

You get emails from your sponsored pet

OK – we admit they haven’t quite got the hang of using keyboards yet – in many cases their paws are too big - but when you become a Blue Cross pet sponsor you receive an email which includes a certificate with a photo of your chosen pet. You’ll also receive a welcome pack in the post.

In addition to this, each month, you will receive an email update telling you how your sponsored pet is doing. And best of all we’ll tell you when we have found them a new home and set them on the road to a happy future thanks to you.

Being a sponsor means you help lots of pets - not just one!

On average it takes 35 days to rehome most pets, although horses can take considerably longer, so by becoming a Blue Cross pet sponsor you will be helping not just one, but a whole series of unwanted pets to find loving new homes. Every time a pet is happily rehomed you will be able to sponsor another who needs your help for as long as your Direct Debit continues.

How this works is every time you get an email telling you your sponsored pet has been happily rehomed, we will suggest another for you to sponsor. We know how hard it can be to choose – they are all so cute and deserving. If you would rather sponsor a different pet all you have to do is click on the link in your sponsorship success email and you will receive an update from your new pet.

Sponsorship means unwanted pets can stay with us for as long as they need

Some pets take longer to find homes for than others. Black dogs and cats are often overlooked because they are seen as being plain. Some pets are very nervous and shy so tend to hide when potential new owners come to see them. Donations from our kind pet sponsors mean we can care for these unwanted and homeless pets in our rehoming centres - however long it takes to find them happy new homes.

More money spent on pets in need

We have deliberately developed Blue Cross pet sponsorship in a way that keeps the costs as low as possible. Your Direct Debit confirmation, welcome message and certificate will be emailed to you. 

We will then send you a welcome pack in the post to thank you for your support and tell you more about being a Blue Cross sponsor, but after that all communication will be online. This limits our print costs and means that more of your generous gifts can be used to help care for abandoned and homeless pets until we can find them the new homes they need and deserve. I’m sure you will agree this is money well spent.

We hope you decide to become a Blue Cross pet sponsor – you’ll be making lots of unwanted pets very happy. Thank you.

— Page last updated 11/12/2019