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Will Easter bring good luck to these homeless bunnies?

Twelve homeless bunnies are hoping this Easter season will bring them the gift of new lives in happy homes.

Rabbits make great pets but require a commitment of up to 12 years

Galaxy, Mars, Aero, Kinder, Cream, Mini, Smartie, Wispa, Lindt, Truffle, Cadbury and Ferrero found themselves in need of new homes after their owner was unable to cope with the expanding brood.

We’re currently caring for them in a stable at our Burford rehoming centre because our dedicated rabbit runs are already full of buns looking for love.

Jenna Martyn, Centre Manager at Blue Cross in Burford, Oxfordshire, explains: “We’re overrun with rabbits at the moment and are desperate for good homes for them. Rabbits can make great pets but they are very misunderstood animals.

"They need a lot of space to live in so they can run, hop and jump and they don’t always like being picked up. They also need to live in pairs as they are sociable creatures.

“Lots of people clearly need help rehoming their small pets and there are very few places that can help with this type of animal. Rabbits can live anywhere from aged eight to 12 years so taking one on is a massive commitment. But in the right home they can make very sweet and entertaining pets.”

Our centres around the country are currently caring for 62 rabbits. If you could give a loving home to any of our lonely Easter bunnies, please get in touch with our team today.