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Wobbly moggy in search of special home

A cat who is a little unsteady on her paws is hoping her balance issues won't hinder her chances of finding a loving home.

Maggie is a little unsteady on her paws but is a happy girl who is desperate for a new home.

Eight-year-old Maggie has a condition called ataxia, which causes her back legs to shake and makes her a bit wobbly when she walks.

It's thought the black cat has had the problem since birth - but it doesn't affect this happy girl's quality of life and she requires no treatment. It’s also highly unlikely the condition will worsen with time.

Maria Steel, Rehoming Centre Manager at Northiam Blue Cross, said: “Maggie is a really sweet chatty cat, who loves attention and sitting on laps for cuddles. 

"She does have a few balance issues, but it doesn’t really cause her any problems – she’s just a sweet little cat who will be a lovely, friendly pet for someone.

"We just need to make sure her new home isn’t too near any busy roads, as she may take a while to cross them!”

Maggie would like to find a lovely new owner to give her a fuss and a groom. She would be happy as an indoor cat, but access to a garden would also be fine.

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