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What we do


We find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK and our tailor made service means we help each pet find the right person for them. Find out more about our rehoming process and why you should adopt a pet from Blue Cross. Have a look at the pets currently waiting for new homes.

Happy, healthy Ollie

Ollie was two weeks old when his mum rejected him. He was too young to fend for himself so we took over, nursing him day and night. He blossomed into a happy, healthy and rather handsome chap and is now enjoying life in a loving home.

Fresh start for Plum

Plum came to Blue Cross with sibling Peach and Apricot when their owner fell ill. Finding a new home for all three of them was going to be a challenge, but residential care home Enstone House came to the rescue and were able to rehome the three rabbits together.


Our four animal hospitals treat sick and injured pets when their owners can’t afford private fees. We’ve also got welfare clinics at some of our rehoming centres and a mobile clinic in London. We treat around 30,000 poorly pets every year. Find out more about the veterinary services we offer at Blue Cross.

Nursed back to health

Flush was found stuck down a four-foot deep basement drain. We think she’d been flushed down the loo. Miraculously she survived and was rushed to a Blue Cross hospital where our veterinary staff gave her a check up and a thorough clean up. When she was well enough we found her a happy new home.


We help pets that arrive at Blue Cross with behavioural issues and offer ongoing support to anyone who rehomes an animal from us. We’re a leading charity in the pet behaviour field and our team regularly give training courses and lectures. Find out more about our animal behaviour services.

On his best behaviour

When Jack met his new owners’ grandchildren he continually jumped up at them, flashing his teeth. Our behaviour team was on hand to help. We explained that Jack was excited and wasn’t being aggressive. We gave them advice on how to manage Jack in these situations and now he’s the perfect pet around the kids.

Life skills for dogs

Life Skills is a list of basic skills that we teach dogs and record what they’ve achieved. When the dog is rehomed, we encourage their new owners to continue with the programme by joining a local dog training class. This helps to make sure that dogs have the skills they need to fit well into family life.


Our vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home.

We promote animal welfare to the pet owners of the future by giving talks at schools and youth groups. We help current pet owners with through a range of free pet advice leaflets

Pet owners of the future

We reached more than 65,000 young people through our education talks last year. Teenagers were the target of our 41 status dogs workshops which encouraged them to think about issues surrounding bull breed dogs and pet welfare. Find out more by visiting our educational talks section.

Pet care information

Our pet advice factsheets cover everything from choosing the right pet through to more specific information about your animal's, health, behaviour and the care it requires. Here are five of our most popular pet care factsheets.

Pet Bereavement

The Pet Bereavement Support Service is available 365 days a year to help people who are struggling to cope with the loss of a pet. Trained volunteers are at the end of a phone line, ready to help. All calls are confidential and free from a landline. 

Losing a much-loved pet

Roz Kadir knows what it feels like to lose a much-loved pet and that’s why she became a support line volunteer for the Pet Bereavement Support Service. She says: “When someone tells me they feel so much better now that they’ve spoken to somebody who understands them, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Create an online memorial

Pet memorials can be a comforting way to remember and commemorate the life of a pet. A memorial to your much-loved friend will serve as a lasting testament to the joy and happiness that they gave you. You can create a pet memorial here.