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Find your closest hospital or rehoming centre on our map

On this page you’ll find the addresses and contact numbers for our four veterinary hospitals and 12 rehoming centres. 

We always welcome visits from potential adopters at centres. Please phone before you visit so we can make sure there’s someone to show you round and make the most of your visit. Find out more about our rehoming services.

Please check you are eligible for veterinary treatment before visiting one of our hospitals. If you’re not sure, please phone your closest hospital to check before visiting.


Find your closest centre or hospital on the map below:

  • = Blue Cross hospitals
  • = Blue Cross rehoming centres

Please zoom in to see all the London hospitals

Choosing the right catBedfordshire rehoming serviceCat rehoming CatBolton rehoming serviceCat rehoming BCW dog client centre subBromsgrove rehoming centreCat and dog rehoming centre with pet care clinic Candy the cat Buckinghamshire rehoming serviceCat rehoming HHP horse in paddock subBurford rehoming centreCat, dog, small animal and horse rehoming centres HHP cat subCambridge rehoming centreCat rehoming centre BCW cat AWA subCounty Durham rehoming serviceCat rehoming BCW kittens centre subCumbria rehoming serviceCat rehoming PIN Cat at hospitalDerby pet care clinicVeterinary service BCW dog vet nurse subFelixstowe rehoming centreCat and dog rehoming centre with pet care clinic BCW Poorly cat vet nurse subGrimsby animal hospitalHospital Peeping kittensGwent, Usk rehoming serviceCat rehoming Blue Cross mobile clinicHackney mobile vet clinicMobile Clinic BCW dog in clinic subHammersmith animal hospitalHospital HHP cat care subHampshire rehoming serviceCat rehoming AIN dog cage centre subHertfordshire rehoming centreCat, dog and small animal rehoming centre Blue Cross mobile clinicIslington mobile vet clinicMobile Clinic BCW cat with volunteer subLewknor rehoming centreCat and dog rehoming centre Edward Manchester rehoming serviceCat rehoming BCW dog in clinic subMerton animal hospitalHospital Choosing the right catNescot College rehoming serviceCat rehoming BCW dog centre AWA subNorthiam rehoming centre Cat and dog rehoming centre HHP horse at centre subRolleston rehoming centreHorse rehoming centre BCW cat with volunteer subSolihull rehoming serviceCat rehoming Cat summerSouth Devon College rehoming serviceCat rehoming centre HHP rabbit subSouthampton rehoming centreCat, dog and small animal rehoming centre Rehoming case study PickleSouth-East London rehoming serviceCat rehoming Blue Cross mobile clinicSouthwark mobile vet clinic Mobile Clinic HHP grey cat subSurrey and Kent rehoming serviceCat rehoming BCW dog bath subThirsk rehoming centreCat and dog rehoming centre AIN dog with owner Tiverton rehoming centreCat and dog rehoming centre with pet care clinic HHP border collie dog subTorbay rehoming centreCat and dog rehoming centre BCW dog in clinic subVictoria animal hospitalHospital Blue Cross mobile clinicWalthamstow mobile vet clinicMobile Clinic HHP ginger kitten subWest Yorkshire rehoming serviceCat rehoming BCW cat volunteer AWA centre subWiltshire rehoming serviceCat rehoming