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Sponsor a pet

Our mission is to match unwanted and abandoned pets with new owners. But in the meantime, sponsors step in and help us look after our animals. When you sponsor a cat or a dog, you help us help them.

Select a species

It’s all about making sure unwanted pets get all the care and attention they need until we can find them new homes. Whether you sponsor a dog, a cat or any animal, it makes a difference, helping out until they can be adopted. And because our aim is to rehome pets as soon as we can, you may find that you sponsor lots of different pets - even better!

How sponsorship works

  1. Choose a pet

    Choose a pet you'd like to sponsor and a monthly amount

  2. Stay in touch!

    Receive a certificate and monthly email updates from your pet

  3. Help another pet

    Once your pet has been rehomed you can choose another pet to help