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Sponsor a pet: the perfect gift for animal lovers

Give a gift that will change a life

Blue Cross pet sponsorship is a great way to help homeless and abandoned pets who are waiting for new homes right now at our rehoming centres across the country.

The gift of sponsorship helps fund essential everyday items that are vital for pets who have no owner to care for them, like cosy beds, tasty and nutritious food, and exercise and toys to keep pets happy and healthy. It also means we can ensure pets are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, neutered and receive any other veterinary treatment they need.

Plus, donations help fund tailor-made training and behaviour support for pets who haven’t had the best start to life and need extra TLC to help get them ready for their new homes.

A wonderful gift for animal lovers

As a Blue Cross sponsor, you will be following the stories of real pets in our care who are currently waiting for loving new homes – and you can get that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you are directly helping pets get everything they need.

You will support your pets on their journey from unwanted to can’t-believe-how-we-lived-without-you, and we’ll let you know when that happy day comes and they finally go to their new home.

Not everyone has room in their home to adopt a pet of their own, but many have room in their hearts to care for those in need. Blue Cross pet sponsorship is the perfect gift for animal lovers because you can see exactly how your support is helping pets in need.

How sponsorship works

  1. Choose a pet

    Choose a pet you'd like to sponsor and a monthly amount

  2. Stay in touch!

    Receive a certificate and monthly email updates from your pet

  3. Help another pet

    Once your pet has been rehomed you can choose another pet to help

See the progress of your sponsored pet

Each month, your sponsor pet will email you with an update about how they’re getting on and what they’ve been up to. We’ll let you know when they’ve found a loving new home, and you’ll be able to choose another pet to sponsor. And, you’ll get downloadable certificates so you can keep track of all the pets you’ve helped.

Want to know more? Read our sponsorship FAQs

What happens when my sponsorship ends?

Someone can give you the gift of sponsorship for a year, so after 12 months your journey will come to an end. If you’d like to carry on helping Blue Cross pets (which we hope you will), you can set up your own sponsorship, or why not put it on your wish list as a present to celebrate a special occasion?

Select a species

It’s all about making sure unwanted pets get all the care and attention they need until we can find them new homes. Whether you sponsor a dog, a cat or any animal, it makes a difference, helping out until they can be adopted. And because our aim is to rehome pets as soon as we can, you may find that you sponsor lots of different pets - even better!

— Page last updated 11/12/2019