An agouti degu sits in their wooden hut in their accommodation.

Degu advice

Whether you're considering rehoming a degu or need some veterinary advice, we've got plenty of guidance to help keep your small pet happy and healthy.

Four degus huddle together on a wooden box in their accommodation.

Wellbeing and care

From deciding to get a degu, right through to making the difficult decision to say goodbye. Here you'll find information on daily care for happy, healthy pets.
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An agouti degu enjoys eating some hay in their accommodation.

Health and injuries

Routine check-up? Or is there something you'd like to know about your degu's condition? Our vet advice is here to give you the information you need to know.
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Degu on a rock looking over their food bowl

Food and weight

Discover advice from our vets on what your degus can and can't eat, how to manage their weight and fun recipes for you to try!
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An agouti degu leans out of their wheel in their accommodation.

Behaviour advice

Our trained animal behaviourists are here for you with advice, whether your pet is struggling in certain situations or you're just looking to teach them some tricks!
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Degu coming out of its cage into a person's hand

Choosing a pet

Small pets come in all shapes and sizes. Considering one of your own? Find out whether degus are the perfect pet for you and your family, and what you'll need.
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Piper the Degu

Saying goodbye

Some small pets, like degus, will only live for a few years. Like any other pet, you'll have a unique bond with them that can make it difficult to say goodbye.
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