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Community fundraising and events

Fundraising is a great way of getting active and involved with Blue Cross. So find out how you can make a difference as a fundraiser.

Whatever event or challenge you decide to organise or take part in, we’ll support you every step of the way. Fundraising is a rewarding experience, and also a great way to meet friends and gain new skills - so let’s get started!

Set up your own fundraiser for Blue Cross

If you’re looking to raise money for Blue Cross, you can do this simply and easily by setting up an online fundraising page where people can donate or sponsor you. We recommend using JustGiving or Enthuse.

Create a JustGiving fundraiser

Simply follow the instructions to start fundraising for us.

Get started with JustGiving

Create an Enthuse fundraiser

Click on the 'fundraise for us' button to begin your Enthuse fundraiser.

Get started with Enthuse

Create a fundraiser on Tiltify

Head to Tiltify and hit 'start fundraising' to launch your fundraising campaign. Perfect if you’re doing a gaming or streaming event or if you’d like lots of customisation like rewards, polls and activity tracking!

Get started with Tiltify

Our tips for fundraising sustainably

We’d like to invite you to fundraise with us in the most sustainable way possible, so we can protect our planet for pets and people alike. 


Please consider what recycling options you can offer at your event. And make sure bins are accessible and clearly labelled with what can – and can’t – be recycled.


As plastic is bad for the environment, and particularly for pets, we’re striving to replace all single-use plastic (such as straws, water bottles and balloons) with eco-friendly items. 


We recommend using digital invitations, handouts and tickets instead of printed ones. See our fundraising resources.

Make it reusable

Make your signage generic so it can be used time and time again for future events.

Food and drink

If you’re providing food and drink at your event, we recommend including vegan/vegetarian options. This won’t just support the climate crisis but will also make sure anyone with a meat-free diet feels welcome. Please also consider using free range and/or fairtrade products whenever possible.

Reduce waste

Think about your order quantities to keep food wastage to a minimum. Make a plan for any leftover food – can it be donated to a local homeless shelter or food bank? (Don’t forget, you can donate any leftover pet food to our pet food banks.)

Source locally

Reduce your carbon footprint by always sourcing products locally if you can. 


Encourage event attendees to car-share or use public transport if they can.


Cash has the greatest impact on the environment – switching to contactless solutions such as QR codes or contactless devices is more sustainable.

Incentives for going green

Reward your supporters for green initiatives with a personal thank you or small gesture, such as priority parking for those who car share.