The Blue Cross Education Team also gives talks and advice to:

  • Colleges
  • Pupil referral units
  • Parents and parents-to-be
  • Pony Club and Riding Schools

What we do

Our vision is that every pet will one day enjoy a healthy life in a happy home. One of the ways in which we hope to achieve this is by educating the pet owners of the future through free talks for schools and youth groups. The Blue Cross Education Team teaches young people about pet welfare, staying safe around dogs and responsible pet ownership from an early age to encourage behaviour change across a generation. In reaching as many children and teenagers as possible, we can improve the lives of both future pets and their owners, and stamp out cases of animal cruelty and neglect in the process.

"Every school should look at having a Blue Cross talk to help build empathy towards animals"

Chris Packham, Blue Cross Education Ambassador

In 2018, 112,660 children were educated by Blue Cross education programs nationwide. Our education officers and volunteer speakers across the UK deliver talks and assemblies to a range of age groups in both primary and secondary schools. Sometimes, they are able to take temperament assessed education dogs to reinforce our message of responsible pet ownership – we can even work to help children overcome a fear of dogs. We have a range of curriculum linked learning materials available for download, enabling teachers and leaders to link our work to their topics.

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Our Education Ambassador Chris Packham stresses the importance of helping young people learn to look after pets.

Chris Packham features in two further education videos which can used as a downloadable resource, or shown during a visit from one of our Blue Cross speakers.