Golden labrador eating out of puzzle feeder

How to scatter feed your dog

You can keep your dog mentally stimulated by using their scavenger nature to your advantage.

Dogs use their nose for so much and it’s a skill that comes very naturally to them. Scent work not only keeps your dog's brain active but also enhances their natural ability to sniff things out, all while having fun!

You will need

  • A bowl
  • A portion of your dog's daily feed (only use dry food) or a handful of treat

Note: Treats should be given occasionally and alongside a well-balanced diet. Always check with your vet if your dog has any special dietary requirements. 

How to scatter feed

You can make scent work nice and simple. Make your dog’s meals more interesting by scattering the entire contents of their food in the garden or in the house.

  1. Pop your dog in a separate room or ask them to stay while you do this
  2. Grab a bowl of your pet's usual dried food or a handful of treats
  3. Scatter it in lots of different places around the home and outside, being sure to avoid anywhere with any chemicals or food they could get to
  4. Let your dog loose and let them sniff it all out! 

— Page last updated 26/05/2023