Two guinea pigs sitting together

How to make a guinea pig forage box

Guinea pigs, like any other small pet, need more than just a safe place to call home. Enrichment is a really important part of your smallies life.

Foraging behaviour comes naturally to guinea pigs – here’s a quick hack on how to make your own forage box.

What you’ll need

  • Shallow tray or planter
  • Treats for your smallies
  • Hay or shredded paper
  • Herbs and flowers suitable for guinea pigs ie dandelion flowers and marigold, basil, coriander, cress, mint and dill – you can also add a bit of pulled grass for extra sweetness


  1. Grab your shallow tray or planter and begin filling it with your hay, shredded paper, herbs and flowers
  2. Scatter your treats throughout the box in random places
  3. Pop your guinea pig into the forage box and watch them unearth their goodies


Be sure to replace any herbs, flowers and treats daily and moderate your guinea pig’s daily food when feeding treats.

— Page last updated 28/07/2022