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Meet the team

Wondering what your career would look like at Blue Cross? It's important to us to find the right people to achieve our ambitious goals. But it's just as important for you to find out whether we are right for you. Meet our team and find a role to suit you. 

What our team say about us and their roles

Find out how some of our team feel about working here – what made them choose their role and why they love their job.

  • Jack Mote, Animal Welfare Assistant
  • Sarah Henson, Shop Manager
  • Charlotte Hailstones, Veterinary Nurse

Jack Mote, Animal Welfare Assistant

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

I’ve been fascinated by animals and nature from a very young age. I initially had dreams of becoming a zoo keeper, however as I got older and I became more aware of the positive impact that companion animals have on wellbeing and lifestyle of people, I became more interested in a pursuing a career in the companion animal field. 

My particular area of interest is the relationships between dogs and their human counterparts. It is this fascination that led me to Blue Cross, and to my becoming a volunteer at the age of 14. 11 years and one degree later, I am now a full time Animal Welfare Assistant (AWA) and thriving as part of Blue Cross.

If you didn’t have this role at Blue Cross, which role would you like and why?

I am keen to move up the Blue Cross ladder and would next like to rise to supervisor level, when the opportunity arises. While I enjoy my current AWA role, I feel I would be able to help more animals and in turn, help more people from a supervisory level.

Give us three words to explain how you feel about working for Blue Cross

Proud, passionate, honoured.

Sarah Henson, Shop Manager

What is the funniest story you have heard while working at Blue Cross?

My story happened two years ago. I was eating my lunch on a bench by the Church in the town centre when I realised that I had lost my glasses. I searched the area twice over but could not find them anywhere.

Two weeks later I was sorting bags in the stockroom and I tipped open a bag and my glasses fell out. The bag had been donated by a regular donor, so I rang her and she told me she found the glasses and luckily for me put them in a bag of donations for my shop.

Not sure that’s a funny story but it is a coincidence because she could have donated to any of 13 charity shops. Lucky for me it was mine!

If you could have a super power, what would it be and how would you use it at Blue Cross?

If I had a super power it would be to split myself in half so I could be in two places at once!

What advice would you give to someone joining Blue Cross?

Don’t hesitate! It’s a great place to work, feels like one big family and there are always people on hand to support you.

Charlotte Hailstones, Veterinary Nurse

If you didn’t have this role at Blue Cross, which role would you like and why?

If I wasn’t a Veterinary Nurse and had the chance to explore another role within the charity it would be to work with the Behaviour Team rehabilitating animals before going out to their new homes.

I love learning about feline behaviour. After I achieved a certificate in feline behaviour, with the International Society of Feline Medicine last year, I have been passionate about making changes within the hospital for my feline patients.

I think it would be so rewarding to help the cats that are looking for their forever homes to have the best chance at a successful and happy rehoming.

Give us three words to explain how you feel about working for Blue Cross:

  • Passionate – because I’m passionate about my job and caring for our patients
  • Driven – to provide the best service I can for the patients and clients
  • Grateful – that we have this amazing charity where we live to enable people to access veterinary care when they otherwise might not be able to

What piece of advice would you give to someone joining Blue Cross?

The best piece of advice I could give to someone joining our charity would be to never be afraid to implement change. If you have an idea that will improve standards or procedures, research it, champion it and present it to your colleagues.

Blue Cross is an ever evolving organisation and it celebrates people who can continue to ensure that we are providing the best service we can.

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