Festive Quest resources

Need a walkthrough to help you get through your Festive Quest? From a tutorial to teach you the basics of setting up your campaign, troubleshooting with Tiltify and tips to help you reach your fundraising goals to unlock your reward for becoming a pet hero. We’ve got all you need right here!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can always email us on [email protected] or reach out to us on our Discord server for extra support. 

  • Download a copy of our Festive Quest event guide which is packed full of useful tips and tricks, and even lots of facts about Blue Cross to help you with your fundraising.
  • Want an easy way to keep track on your progress towards that 24 hour target? Download our hour tracker.
  • Use these milestone markers to shout about your challenge and progress on social media. Don’t forget to share them alongside the link to your Tiltify fundraising campaign so that friends and family can easily donate. You can also use #FestiveQuest and tag Blue Cross on social media to share your progress with us along the way.
  • Want to add overlays showing your fundraising live as it happens? Check out this quick guide on how to use Tiltify’s built in overlay tools to take your stream to the next level. You can customise everything from the colours of the tracker to gifs that show up on screen when you receive donations! Or if you prefer, you can use streamlabs integrations.
  • Want to unleash the full power of Tiltify and really customise your fundraiser? Add in rewards for those who donate, milestones and even polls to make things interactive! There are loads of step by step guides to help you get started.
  • Take a look at these handy best practice guides for some top tips on livestreaming on Twitch and YouTube.
  • So you can sit back and enjoy your stream, take the time to prep and set up a chat bot to share details about your fundraiser and a link to your campaign so people can donate quickly and easily.
  • Using Twitch to stream? Why not set up the Tiltify integration so supporters can donate and interact with your campaign without ever leaving Twitch?

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