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By donating you will be helping to save pets like Massimo. The Chihuahua crossbreed pup is having lots of help from the team at Hertfordshire to overcome his problem mouthing and other general lack of manners. It can be difficult to find dogs like Massimo the right home; he is very cute but he is a handful and we must make sure we find him an owner who understands his needs and will help him continue on his path to a well behaved pooch in the home.

Target of £ 2,000,000

£ 1,035,940 Last updated 20/12/2018

A £2 million appeal is now under way to fund the major re-development of our Blue Cross Hertfordshire rehoming centre– a lifeline for many unwanted pets.

£557,301 It costs £557,301 to run the centre for a year (2016)

For almost 70 years the centre has looked after thousands of pets and cares for more than 1,200 cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals every year.

The proposed rebuild will drastically improve the conditions of the kennels and outdoor spaces, which currently are not fit for purpose. It will enable us to help a third more pets, be more efficient and result in happier, healthier animals. The dedicated rehoming team and volunteers will be able to give animals the care they need much more easily.

The pets in our care will truly benefit from the new facilities, with access to bigger accommodation and outdoors spaces. They will be much more comfortable and less stressed. As a result, this will increase their chances of being rehomed by a new family.

The development of our Hertfordshire rehoming centre has already received significant benefit from gifts of £170, 000 in two wills. These generous contributions are helping towards our target of £2 million and the memory of those individuals will live on for their friends and family.

To make sure we can do the very best for all the pets that come through our doors, we absolutely have to improve the Blue Cross Hertfordshire centre at Kimpton.  Blue Cross has been helping pets here since 1949. Our current facilities are extremely outdated and in desperate need of improvement to ensure we can provide the care and the rehoming service the pets, and their owners, need. The planned developments will make sure we can look after them in the best way possible. Kellie Brooks, Manager of Blue Cross Hertfordshire centre
Current Hertfordshire rehoming centre
The outside of the Hertfordshire rehoming centre.

Pets we've helped at Hertfordshire rehoming centre

With your help we know we can change the story for many more pets in need at our Hertfordshire rehoming centre. Here’s just a few of those who have benefitted from the dedication of the team.

While an animal is in our care, they are effectively our own family They don't have anybody else and it is a very scary time for them. Anything we can do to make their time here happier and less stressful, we want to do it. Kirsten Findlay, Animal Welfare Supervisor
Hertfordshire rehoming centre isolation unit
Dog isolation block at Hertfordshire rehoming centre

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The Olly bracelet is being sold in support of the Hertfordshire Rehoming Centre Appeal, where Olly was found after being abandoned in a cat carrier. After finding his forever home, Olly rose to fame with several fabulous rounds of agility at Crufts and other shows.

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