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Help us rebuild their tomorrow…

Please donate to the Hertfordshire Rehoming Centre Appeal

Sick, injured, neglected or stray – our Hertfordshire rehoming centre has rebuilt the future of thousands of pets. But after more than 70 years the centre is no longer up to our high standards. With cramped pens and kennels that overlook each other, no privacy and few outdoor runs, cats and dogs often find life at the centre a less than ideal place to start rebuilding their lives. Help us rebuild the centre today and give more pets a better tomorrow.

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Help rebuild the lives of pets like Bran

Bran the puppy laying on the ground

Bran had spent most of his short life in excruciating pain. After falling down the stairs, his leg was so badly broken his paw was pointing the wrong way. Sadly Bran’s leg was too damaged to save and, just eight weeks old, we had to amputate it.

Bran came to our Hertfordshire centre to recover. The poor chap just wanted a quiet, comfortable place to recover and get used to life on three legs. But despite the best efforts of the team, the cramped and noisy kennels just aren’t that place. 

Bran became stressed in the cold, dark kennels. He started to regain his strength, but his kennel didn’t have the space he needed to learn to walk with three legs. Frustrated, he’d bark anxiously, setting the other dogs off until the din was unbearable. We made sure he spent lots of time out of his kennel in the company of our team to alleviate his anxiety.

With a larger kennel, members of the team could have sat with Bran, calming him and helping him come to terms with life on three legs. An outdoor run would have let him stretch his legs and watch the world go by instead of feeling cooped up. 

The team worked tirelessly to get Bran ready for life with a new owner. Despite the limitations of the centre, I’m delighted to say he’s now happily rehomed. But for the other pets who need us, please help rebuild the centre today. 

Kelly Brookes, Blue Cross Hertfordshire rehoming centre

"To make sure we can do the very best for all the pets that come through our doors, we absolutely have to improve the Blue Cross Hertfordshire centre at Kimpton.  Blue Cross has been helping pets here since 1949. Our current facilities are extremely outdated and in desperate need of improvement to ensure we can provide the care and the rehoming service the pets, and their owners, need. The planned developments will make sure we can look after them in the best way possible.

- Kellie Brooks, Manager of Blue Cross Hertfordshire centre 

About Blue Cross

Blue Cross is a registered charity in England and Wales (224392) and in Scotland (SC040154) that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets since 1897. Pets help us in so many ways and they depend entirely on us. That’s why at Blue Cross we believe in helping pets because pets help us.

How we help


We find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK.

We helped over 9,253 pets last year.


Our animal hospitals and pet care clinic treat sick and injured pets when their owners can't afford private veterinary fees.

We treated 31,321 poorly pets last year.

Pet Bereavement Support

We offer a listening ear and give time, patience and encouragement to bereaved pet owners.

We helped 12,966 grieving people last year.


Bran the dog from Hertfordshire centre


Help us rebuild their tomorrow…

Please donate to the Hertfordshire Rehoming Centre Appeal

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