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Kitten’s big appetite leaves him fighting for his life

A mischievous kitten has survived against all odds after swallowing a needle and thread.

Blue recovering from his operation.

Blue, who is about seven months old, was critically ill when he arrived at our Victoria animal hospital last month and needed emergency surgery to save his life.

His owner realised that poor Blue had eaten some cotton a couple of days before and X-rays revealed he had also swallowed the needle attached, along with a long roll of the thread.

Amanda Marrington, London Welfare Officer, said: “He started fitting and was severely dehydrated after the owner noticed he had eaten a bit of string, but a couple of days later he became very unwell.

"He had to go to surgery and a needle and a lot of thread were removed from him.”

Sadly, Blue’s owner decided they were unable to keep him and the ginger kitten was transferred to our Lewknor rehoming centre in Oxfordshire to find a new home.

And, after nearly 40 days in our care, he is set to pack his bags and head off to his new life at the weekend.

Amanda added: “Blue was very poorly so we’re so happy that he pulled through against all the odds and found a new home.”