Trustee Chris Martin stood with donkeys in a yard

Meet our Trustees: Chris Martin

Why did you choose to volunteer for Blue Cross?

I have a passion for animal welfare with four rescue donkeys, two rescue basset hounds, four hens, three ducks and a British blue short hair cat at home. I have spent my career in IT and wanted to offer Blue Cross some of my IT expertise and knowledge to help Blue Cross evolve to help even more animals and their owners. 

What are your duties in your role as a Blue Cross Trustee?

Along with other Trustees, I have responsibility to ensure good governance within the charity. I am a member of the Finance & Support Committee and Commercial Committee, where we ensure that money and resources are mobilised wisely with the goal of having a good environment for employees and volunteers to deliver the best possible animal care.

What is your professional background?

I have spent my career in IT in software development and systems operations with the last 25 years focused on building, leading and facilitating technical teams to build new products, solutions and services to help large and small organisations work efficiently and enable them to focus on their core being.  

How long have you been a Trustee?

I joined Blue Cross as a Trustee in September 2018.

What do you enjoy most about being a Blue Cross Trustee?

I love to see the great work the charity does for animal welfare, the passion of its employees and volunteers for improving the lives of animals and pets.

Tell us about your own pets!

Our four rescue donkeys, Quincy, Benny, Danny and Buster (aged between nine and 12 years), all have lovely characters and are naturally very inquisitive. If I am working outside or in a barn on my old tractor, I might look over my shoulder to see four donkeys in very close proximity angling to see exactly what I’m up to! Our rescue basset hounds Bruno and Bella (aged two and three years) are still in training and very lovable and loyal, especially when we’re having sausages for breakfast!

— Page last updated 08/06/2021