Blue Cross pleased that MPs are debating dog fighting

Blue Cross is really pleased that MPs are today debating the horrific and illegal crime of dog fighting in the House of Commons.

Dog fighting has been illegal in the UK since 1835, and is also an offence under section eight of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Alison Thomas, Blue Cross Chief Vet said: “We rarely see dogs injured in organised dog fights but we are very concerned about the welfare of dogs used for fighting.

“Owners who train and use their dogs for fighting must have very little concern for their health and wellbeing.

“Our fear is that, because dog fighting is  against the law many of the animals involved will not be taken to a vet when they are hurt and are being left to suffer and even die as a result of horrific injuries, when no longer of use to their owners.”

Last year, we cared for 11-month-old cat Eric after he was found tied to a tree and used as bait to taunt dogs in a London park.

Thankfully Eric was rescued before he suffered any injuries, but he was left terrified. We found Eric a loving home, and would love to see this terrible treatment of animals come to an end.

— Page last updated 05/03/2021