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Abandoned with a fractured leg – kitten Whiskas recovers at Blue Cross

A kitten who was abandoned after suffering a fractured leg is now happy and healthy after getting the all clear from the team at our Blue Cross Victoria animal hospital. 

Poor Whiskas was in a lot of pain when she was brought to us with the injury, which we believe was caused by her getting caught in a door. 

Emergency surgery 

X-rays showed there was a fracture and she needed surgery to attach an external fixator (pictured). This is where pins are placed into the bone and secured with clamps and rods, which allows the injury to heal. 

Whiskas needed ongoing veterinary treatment and repeat X-rays for the next couple of months and, sadly, that wasn’t the worse of her plight. 

Her owners never came back to the hospital to see her and, after we tried to contact them several times, we realised they were never coming back to get her. 

Rest and recuperation 

Whiskas went to stay in a Blue Cross foster home while she recovered and we’re pleased to report that she’s feeling much better and found a loving home soon after. 

— Page last updated 22/05/2015