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Blue Cross helps family find new home for Todd

When Todd’s elderly, unwell owners began to struggle to give their much-loved horse the care he needed, they knew the kindest thing to do would be to find him a new home.

But they were distraught at the thought of selling the young cob, so contacted Blue Cross for help to ensure their handsome boy would have the safe and loving future they so desperately wanted for him.

Todd is in "horse paradise" according to new owner Anna Causer

And through our innovative Home Direct scheme, we were able to match him with the perfect new owner without the need for him to wait at one of our rehoming centres.

The gentle gelding, whose previous owners had already backed him and taught him the basics under the saddle, is now enjoying his new life with 21-year-old Anna Causer.

At six-years-old, Todd has the normal zest for life of any cob his age - and is in "horse paradise" according to his new best friend.

Anna, of Woverhampton, West Midlands, said: “I fell in love with Todd’s cheeky nature and good looks as soon as I saw him.

“He was very hairy when he arrived so we gave him a big makeover and he now looks more handsome than ever!

“I ride him most days and he’s really coming on well. Thank you Blue Cross!”

While Blue Cross still carries out all the usual assessments for both horse and potential new home, the scheme means they don’t have to admit the horse to one of their centres, which keeps much-needed space free for welfare cases.

Emily Lambert, Blue Cross Home Direct Homing Assistant, said: “With the on-going horse crisis, charities have been less able to help privately owned horses because their rescue centres are full of welfare cases.

“Our Home Direct simply allows us to rehome a privately owned horse into a Blue Cross home whilst it is still in the care of its current owner.”

Most horses can be considered for Home Direct unless they are on long-term medication. Blue Cross initially assesses all horses and then a full health check from a vet is required before home-finding begins.

Appointments for potential new homes are then carried out in the company of a member of the Blue Cross horse team to make sure a suitable match is made.

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— Page last updated 1/03/2017