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Cat Cleo’s life saved after being shot - twice

Cleo the cat is recovering well in Blue Cross care after a gunshot wound left her fighting for her life – again.

The four-year-old black and white cat was rushed to a Blue Cross animal hospital when her owner noticed something was wrong.

Cleo’s owner Elizabeth Parlett said: “I was in total shock when the vets told me Cleo had been shot again. She doesn’t wander off very far and I don’t know who it could be or who could have done such a thing.”

Our vets found Cleo had been shot with an air pistol. The pellet had perforated her intestines and she needed emergency surgery. It was a race against time to save her life.

Shockingly, this is the second time Cleo has needed Blue Cross help after being shot once before in June 2013. Elizabeth is terrified her beloved pet will be injured again and is trying to keep Cleo inside for her own safety – but fears the cat will be unhappy because she loves the outdoors.

Elizabeth said: “She is much better but desperate to be outside, I’m scared to let her out of my sight in case she gets hurt again.”

Sadly, in the same week Cleo was admitted we also treated another cat for a similar wound. Ninja, an 11-month-old ginger cat is from the same area of London as Cleo and he also nearly died from his wounds.

Mark Bossley, Chief Vet at Blue Cross Victoria said: “Cleo had very serious internal injuries when she was admitted to the hospital.

“It was shocking to admit two cats in the same week who had been shot and hope we don’t see any more.”

We treat around 30,000 poorly pets every year just like Cleo and Ninja. Blue Cross doesn’t receive any government funding and relies on public support. If you’d like to help us keep our doors open to sick and injured pets, please make a donation today.

— Page last updated 14/08/2015