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Guinea pigs are thrown away like rubbish

Two guinea pigs have been rescued after they were found dumped in a bin in Hertfordshire and brought to Blue Cross. 

Poor Comet and Vinnie were discovered by a kind-hearted passerby who lifted them out of the bin and brought them to us to see if we could look after them.  

Emma Winter, animal welfare assistant at our Hertfordshire rehoming centre, says: “They were soon settled into a cosy warm hutch and given a check up to make sure that they were healthy, which luckily they were.  

“Unsurprisingly the boys were a little shy but they slowly got used to being handled and became firm favourites with the team here.

“They even enjoyed trips to the staffroom at break time while they waited for their new homes.”  

Comet and Vinnie have now been rehomed together and have a happy, healthy future to look forward to. 

Would you like to rehome a small pet? We have rabbits, guinea pigs and other smallies looking for loving homes. Visit our rehoming pages to find out more. 

(Pictured above: Vinnie the guinea)

— Page last updated 14/08/2015