Kitten dumped on pavement in storm finds a home

A kitten abandoned in the rain outside a Blue Cross animal hospital with nothing but a soggy cardboard box for shelter has been found a loving home.

Seven-month-old Jenson was found on the doorstep of our flagship hospital in Victoria, London, last month in a sodden sealed box with a note asking “can you give this cat a good home”?

Animal Welfare Officer Amanda Marrington, who made the discovery, said:  “When I found Jenson I was surprised he hadn’t escaped from the soggy box. He must have been terrified.

Jenson 1
Jenson was found inside a sodden cardboard box outside the Blue Cross Victoria animal hospital.

“He went through such a traumatic time, he was left in the cold and wet to fend for himself. We really don’t know why he was abandoned, given the time of year perhaps he was an unwanted Christmas present but there is no way of knowing.

Jenson's box
Jenson was abandoned in this box in the middle of a storm.

“Thankfully, after being checked over by a vet, it was clear that he was in good shape – a strong, healthy kitten with a big heart, he loves cuddles and will make a lovely pet. We also noticed that he is polydactyl, he’s got extra toes on all four paws!”

Jenson rested up in the Victoria hospital cattery for two days where he was monitored, vaccinated, neutered and given a microchip before his transfer to our Tiverton Rehoming Centre in Devon.

And he went to his new home last week.

“He’s a lovely kitten and we’re so glad he’s found the loving home he deserves,” added Amanda.

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Jenson 2
Jenson quickly recovered from his ordeal and the polydactyl kitten has now found a loving home.

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