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Kitten ravaged by flea anaemia makes remarkable recovery

[Above: Tiny Diablo when he first arrived at Blue Cross and needed round-the-clock care.]

A plucky kitten who amazed the Blue Cross team that saved his life with his fighting spirit is now happy in his first ever home.

Diablo, now aged 20 weeks, arrived at our Suffolk rehoming centre in October with his sister and mother, who had been living as a stray for at least 18 months.

The kittens had to be separated from their mum as she was so terrified of humans that the team were unable to give her offspring the care they needed.

Diablo as he was recovering in a Blue Cross foster home.

But while Diablo’s sister was just like any other healthy kitten and made good progress, her brother was far smaller, withdrawn and extremely lethargic.

Diablo has now found a home and has settled in well.

He was suffering from a flea infestation so bad that it had made him seriously ill with anaemia, as the parasites sucked the blood – and life – out of his tiny body.

Kristina Dimitrova, Animal Welfare Supervisor at Suffolk, said: “It was very much touch and go with him, as we weren’t sure if they got to us too late and we might lose him.

“His sister was doing well, and apart from being under-socialised and initially afraid of people, was eating and drinking ok.

“His mum was put on a behavioural plan in order for us to try to get her settled and more confident with people.”

A foster home was soon arranged for the young siblings so that they got the 24/7 care they needed.

“Diablo would often appear lifeless and weak and had to be syringe-fed every three to four hours and throughout the night to make sure he got enough food and liquid in him to keep him strong and hydrated. He was a true little fighter and was determined to live.”

Although he remained small and thin for his age, Diablo slowly started to improve and started playing and eating better on his own, building up strength and weight.

Kristina added: “Once he was old and healthy enough, he was vaccinated and a new home was found for him in November! He now looks like any other kitten his age – healthy, happy and full of character!”

[Below: Diablo in his new home with his canine pal.]

— Page last updated 8/02/2017