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Eddie the kitten survived a fall and the loss of a leg, but his new owners say he is just as playful and cheeky as any four-legged friend...

As he charges about the living room of his new home and pounces on anything he can get his paws on, it’s clear that life on three limbs isn’t holding little Eddie back whatsoever.

Just two months earlier, the mischievous kitten – then named Gus – came into the care of our Victoria animal hospital in central London after falling from a three storey window.

He had never been outside before, and wanted to explore before he was ready.

Our team of vets and nurses were relieved to find he had escaped the huge fall without any internal injuries, but were concerned to see him struggle to put weight on his right leg.

X-rays revealed that he had a broken elbow which, if left to heal on its own it, would have caused Eddie a lifetime of suffering. Our only option was to amputate his leg.

But the resilient chap was up and about in no time – the only trouble we had was trying to keep him still so he could rest.

Amanda Marrington, Blue Cross Welfare Officer, said: “Gus, as he was then known, recovered really quickly from his operation and wasn’t bothered at all by having lost a leg. He loved to play and charge around, so our team had their hands full trying to keep him calm so that he could get some rest.

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"And, as you can imagine, he wasn't short of cuddles and our nurses gave him lots of much-needed TLC.”

Eddie’s owner was no longer able to care for him, so asked us to find him a loving home once he had fully recovered – and he didn’t have to wait long.

He was soon snapped up by Emma Taberner and Jack Perkin, and hasn’t looked back since arriving home with them in Witney, Oxfordshire, after a brief stint in Blue Cross foster care, which was arranged by our nearby Burford rehoming centre.

Keeping cats safe around windows

Curious cats seek out cooling breezes in warm weather, and Blue Cross treats hundreds of cats serious injuries after falling from owners open the windows each year. Sadly, some do not survive their injuries.

To keep your cats safe and the temperature low inside your home during the summer months, either install tip and tilt windows, which allow air into the room without offering access outside to curious cats, or use wire mesh, netting or a screen across open windows to prevent the cats getting out.

If your cat does fall from more than one storey, the pet should be seen by a vet as soon as possible, even if your cat appears to be fine. Also get your cat checked over if it falls from any height and seems unwell.

“He strolled straight out of his carrier and that was it, it was his house,” said Emma.  “He’s slotted in quite nicely; he didn’t take much adapting at all.

“Because he had been at the hospital and then in foster care, he was very confident. He’s quite happy to tell you what he wants and what he doesn’t – he’s a bit of a diva!”

Apart from not being able to leap up to the lofty heights cats with four legs normally can, Eddie is just like any other kitten – and continues to cause plenty of mischief.

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“He can’t jump up past sofa height, but it doesn’t seem to stop him, he’ll just dangle off things until he gets rescued,” said Emma. “But he’s not the most life-preserving cat in the world so we’re very wary of him around our upstairs windows.”

Emma added: “He’s either charging around playing or passed out on your lap; it’s polar opposites with him.”

But the couple, who both grew up with cats, wouldn’t’ be without him.

“It’s lovely to have him to come home to,” said Jack. “He’s a real character.”

Amanda added: “Eddie stole many hearts during his stay with us at Victoria so we’re all so happy to see him in a lovely new home. He just shows how well cats can adapt to life on three legs.”

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