Three-legged golden toy poodle Llammy relaxes on a grey sofa

Three-legged pup’s joyful transformation

Having three legs doesn’t slow down playful Llammy. The tiny bundle of upbeat energy brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets.

With so much pep, it’s hard to believe Llammy arrived at Blue Cross with severely matted fur and in need of plenty of TLC after a painful leg injury.

Although sadly resulting in the amputation of one of her front legs, Llammy hasn’t looked back – and is now bringing joy to her new family.

Three-legged golden toy poodle Llammy relaxes on the sofa next to her smiling owner
Llammy has brought so much joy to her new family

The pint-sized maltese toy poodle might weigh just 2kg, but her bubbly personality fills her home in Bromsgrove, where she lives with rehomer Megan Clarke and her close-knit family. 

“Llammy’s such a little character, she’s so happy to see everyone all the time,” explains 24-year-old Megan. “We’ve got such a lovely bond. She brightens everyone’s day wherever she goes.”

Named Llammy because of her unique looks when she arrived at Blue Cross – described by Megan as a “cross between a lamb and a llama” with her curly coat and long neck – the little dog is overwhelmed with love after the trauma that brought her to the charity.

Three-legged golden toy poodle Llammy stands in her paved garden surrounded by plants
Llammy loves exploring her new surroundings

“When we first saw her, she looked quite different,” adds Megan. “We couldn’t get jumpers small enough to fit so we had to use a little fluffy sock with a hole cut out of it.

“She’s grown since we got her but she’s still only just over 2kg, so she’s really quite tiny.”

The two injuries that led to the amputation of her right front leg are a distant memory, along with the vet-led sedation needed before removing the extensive fur mats that covered her face and legs.

Three-legged toy poodle Llammy is pictured with shaved fur across her body where her amputation scar is healing
Poor Llammy needed lots of care

Llammy needed almost two months of care from the team at Blue Cross to heal and grow in confidence before she could find a loving new home.

Spending time in a Blue Cross foster home first meant Llammy had chance to socialise and recover from her ordeal.

“Llammy was a super star and took it all in her stride,” says Caroline Oram, Adoptions Coordinator at Blue Cross Bromsgrove.

“She was such a loving girl and loved nothing more than snuggling close, getting all the TLC she needed to recover. She didn’t let having three legs stop her wanting to enjoy her life, bounding around playing with her toys.” 

For Llammy’s new family, she has proved to be a ray of sunshine after the sad loss of their beloved German shepherd rottweiler cross Milo, also a Blue Cross rescue dog.

Although Megan, sister Heather and parents Claire and Lee “did not want a new pet to be a replacement for Milo” after the gentle giant sadly fell ill with cancer in his back legs at the age of 11, the family fell in love with little Llammy.

A golden toy poodle is cuddled in the arms of her smiling owner
Llammy gets plenty of cuddles and love now

“It felt weird not having a dog in the house after having Milo with us for nine years,” explains Megan, who works in accounts for a local college.

“Despite both being Blue Cross rescue dogs, Llammy is so different from Milo in so many ways.

“Milo was very quiet, whereas she’s very active. They are opposites in size too – he was 53kg where she’s just over 2kg. For Llammy, it’s her personality that really fills the room.”

Working from home, Megan enjoys companionship from her “funny little friend” while she’s at her desk – especially after a long online meeting.

Llammy the toy poodle lies next to her owner as she works on her computer
Llammy is a constant companion for Megan while she works from home

Describing Llammy as a “little princess”, Megan revels in sharing cuddles with the lovable pet as well as taking her for walks in the park, where the spotlight always falls on the adorable 20-month-old.

“People always ask about what happened to her leg and it’s nice to be able to share her story and show she can do just as much as any other dog,” adds Megan, who often takes Llammy for days out to local landmarks including Stratford-upon-Avon.

“There are some adjustments we need to make – like the fact that she can’t use a regular dog harness as they go over the two front legs. But we got her a rabbit harness instead and she loves it.

“We also got her little stairs to get up to the sofa, but she doesn’t need to use them.”

Golden toy poodle Llammy gazes into the camera as she lies next to her cuddly toy lamb
Llammy has special stairs to reach the sofa to relax

And it’s not just Megan who adores the new addition to the family.

Llammy has been a source of joy for grandad David, who is disabled and spends much of his time at home.

“Grandad only has the use of one arm, so he’s got something in common with Llammy,” says Megan.

“She’ll go into him a few times a day just to check he’s there, and he’ll scoop her up for a cuddle and a little chat. Grandad is always here at home, but he can’t get lonely with Llammy about.”

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