Ears forward and staring into the camera, Megan the golden palomino Shetland pony stands in a field full of green grass

Horrific injuries to happy home

Megan is safe and happy at last...

Horrific injuries on both back legs have left extensive scars that give a clue to tiny Megan’s suffering.

Underweight and with overgrown hooves, the miniature Shetland pony was terrified when police brought her to Blue Cross.

At just eighteen months old, poor Megan was in a terrible state.

Fluffy golden palomino Shetland pony Megan stands in the snow
Megan was in a sad state when police brought her to Blue Cross

Facing months of specialist treatment to help her recover from her awful injuries and neglect, the little palomino pony needed dedicated care. 

Not only did the bandages on her deep leg wounds need changing regularly but, once they’d healed, Megan needed intensive physiotherapy as the scar tissue was restricting her movement.

Tiny golden pony Megan steps over a series of four blue poles led by her rehomer
Megan needed months of physiotherapy to help her scars to heal

Two years later and it’s hard to believe Megan is the same pony that was brought to our Burford centre.

The 8HH filly may still be a youngster herself, but her confidence has grown so much that she gives a helping hoof to other ponies in need of Blue Cross care.

Now in a loving home with rehomer Chloe Benjamin, the adorable Shetland makes her family “smile every day”.

Golden-coloured Shetland pony Megan is embraced by her smiling rehomer
Megan makes rehomer Chloe smile every day

First taking Megan on as a foster pony when her own ridden horse sadly passed away, Chloe can’t believe the transformation in the confident Shetland.

“I met Megan when she first came into Blue Cross as a tiny baby with all her bandages still on,” explains Chloe, who has cared for Shetlands since she was a child and was working as an equine nursing assistant when she met Megan.

“She was such a skinny little pony when I first met her, and her wounds were quite deep.

“I was feeling a bit empty after my horse had passed away, so I was over the moon to be offered Meg.

“Meg’s been our permanent resident for the past two years and we’ve fostered another five Blue Cross ponies since she’s been here.

“She’s been our little foster mum and brings out the confidence in them. Her personality is amazing.”

A small palomino Shetland pony with golden coat and cream mane and tail is grazing in a lush green field surrounded by trees
Megan has a big personality despite her tiny size

Enjoying her favourite treat of a fresh banana, or following Chloe and her wheelbarrow around, Megan has settled into her life as a happy companion pony.

As well as giving a much-needed boost to other foster ponies, Megan shares her new home with 13-year-old chestnut Mullion, another Blue Cross rescue pony who has been with Chloe for the past six years.

“They are such a cute couple,” adds Chloe. “Meg’s very confident and just takes everything in her stride."

A golden palomino pony grazes next to a chestnut Shetland pony in a field full of green grass
Megan is best buddies with fieldmate Mullion

"She’s such a wonderful pony considering where she’s come from," explains Chloe, who enjoys making a fuss of the little Shetland.

“Meg has massive scars on both back legs along the front of her fetlocks. The wounds were quite deep so the scars will be there for life but she’s got no worries now. Meg makes us smile every day.”

Tiny golden pony Megan is groomed by her rehomer
Megan loves the care and attention she receives in her new home

For Lauren Bush, Horse Rehoming Coordinator at Blue Cross, seeing Megan flourishing is a happy result.

"Megan came to us in such a sad state, underweight, with overgrown hooves and very bad rear leg wounds," says Lauren.

"It's a delight to see her now after a long recovery, enjoying pony life with her new family and four-hooved friends."

Golden-coloured Shetland pony Megan stands in front of a wooden shed festooned with red sequinned Christmas stockings
Megan can enjoy a safe and happy home filled with love this Christmas

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