Poorly Osho looking to camera with one eye and holding a toy in his paws

One-eyed scrap yard kitten on the mend

A four-week-old kitten, who needed an eye removed after he was found all alone in a scrap yard, is in Blue Cross care. 

Kitten Osho sitting on a carpet with his paw held out to the camera
Osho was found in a scrap yard

Vets found Osho had a ruptured abscess on his right eye, which led to them having to remove it, and the poor boy was also infested with fleas

Our team in Newport gave the kitten his name after the Studio Ghibli character from Pom Poko because of his racoon-like tail.

Carys Curwood, Animal Welfare Assistant, has been fostering Osho at home as he recovers from his operation.

Carys says: “When he was found he was covered in dirt, underweight and infested with fleas. Vets found he had a ruptured abscess on his right eye which was causing a lot of discharge. 

“We bathed and treated his eye and had to wait a few weeks until he was strong enough to have it removed, but he’s a brave little soul and is thriving despite his ordeal.

“He’s now up to an ideal weight for his age, has an incredible appetite and spends his days racing around playing with his toys.

“We named him Osho because his little tail looks like a racoon’s. There’s a Studio Ghibli character from Pom Poko called Osho who is a racoon dog so it seemed fitting.”

Once Osho is ready, we will start the search to find him a new home, but he will need a few more weeks of treatment to make a full recovery.

Carys adds: “He’s such a cutie I’m sure we won’t have any problem finding him a new home once he is old enough and well enough to go to a new home.”

— Page last updated 05/11/2021