Taking care of the future

For peace of mind, Ann has registered her cat Mollie on our Pets into Care Scheme…

Photo of black and white cat Mollie sits on owner Ann's lap and enjoys a fuss
Ann's made sure Mollie will always be taken care of

Shortly after Ann Bickley’s husband passed away, her beloved cat Mitzy died, leaving her home quiet and empty.

Ann says: “I had to have little Mitzy put down very soon after my husband died, which was a double whammy because I loved them both dearly.”

While they didn’t tell her at the time, Ann’s vets were caring for a stray cat on the day Mitzy died, and were struggling to find a home for her. A few days later they called Ann and asked if she would like to go and see the cat, who she named Mollie.

Ann says: “And I said, ‘No, I wouldn’t like to go and see her. Bring her straight here!’

“I asked the veterinary nurse who brought her from the vets, ‘You know I’m 80, do you think it’s fair at my age to take on another little cat?’ and she said ‘If you only live a year, six months, it’s worth it to her to have a good home’.”

Ann registered Mollie on our Pets into Care Scheme so she has the peace of mind that Blue Cross will look after her treasured pet should anything happen to Ann and find her a loving new home.

“Once you get to my age you think about these things,” says Ann. “And I’d be just as devastated if anything happened to her. She is always on the bottom step when I go out to welcome me home.”

If you feel there’s no one you can ask to take on your companion if your pet outlives you, our Pets into Care Scheme might be for you. The scheme is free of charge but many people generously decide to leave us a legacy in their Will as a way of saying thank you, a gesture that is not essential but much appreciated. 

Legacies make up more than half of our income so they are invaluable in helping to make sure we can be there for pets in years to come. Unfortunately we can’t accept pets on to the scheme with specific legacies or funds attached to them but we promise we’ll be there for your pet when they need us.

​About our Pets into Care Scheme

Many people worry about what will happen if their pets outlive them. 

By applying to register up to four of your dogs, cats or small animals on our Pets into Care Scheme, you will have peace of mind they will be cared for and found new homes should anything happen to you. We also consider horses on a case-by-case basis.

The service is free but you may like to consider leaving us a legacy in your Will.

For more information or to apply please call our Legacy Team on 0300 777 8240 or visit www.bluecross.org.uk/petsintocare