Hamster Roxy sat on a sofa

Trick-loving hamster's fresh start

A “one in a million” hamster has stolen the hearts of her new family and is learning a series of impressive tricks.  

Roxy arrived in Blue Cross care after her previous owners welcomed home a new dog who was overly interested in the tiny Russian hamster’s cage, which was causing her too much stress.  

Our Hertfordshire rehoming centre in Kimpton took in the 18-month-old rodent and treated her for mites before she went into foster care with Assistant Manager, Aaron Potter.  

Little did he know at that point that Roxy had already found her forever home.  

Grey hamster Roxy having a snack while sitting on chequered sofa
Roxy is loving life in her new home

“I had no intention of keeping a permanent hamster resident after losing my last hamster, Sparrow, just before Christmas,” he says.  

But Aaron and partner Luke soon grew too fond of inquisitive Roxy’s quirky ways to part with her. And, as an older girl, the sweet hamster will now live out the rest of her days by their sides.  

Aaron continues: “Roxy stole our hearts by enjoying her time out of the cage every evening, and now every morning too whilst I have my breakfast before work.  

“Although a little slow in her older age, she is very affectionate and loves to groom me by licking my hand. She loves nothing more than sitting on her armchair, which we now call her throne.   

Grey hamster Roxy sits in a hand of person wearing navy jumper

“As soon as she hears any noise in the house, she is straight up to see what's going on and to find out whether it's playtime. In the evening, she loves to snuggle up in my blanket or fluffy jumper.”  

Clever Roxy is also enjoying training sessions, explains Aaron.  

“We are working on training her to spin and to climb through our fingers. She is a very clever girl and is rewarded with a sunflower seed.”  

“We are having mixed levels of success,” Aaron laughs.  

When she’s not snuggling with her family or entertaining them with her talent for tricks, Roxy enjoys plenty of enrichment activities in her cage.  

She can often be seen upping her step count in her cork-lined wheel, gnawing on her dental stick treats, or foraging for her food.  

“Roxy is wonderful – one in a million,” adds Aaron.  

— Page last updated 13/03/2024