Two small dogs, Moana and Tinkerbell, looking up at their foster carer

Veterinary Care Fund – client information

Please be aware that our funding is limited and so we may not be able to offer support at this time.


Our Veterinary Care Fund is designed to help owners and their pets who are struggling to afford veterinary care. In the current cost of living crisis, we recognise that more and more owners are struggling to afford and access routine vet care, let alone unexpected bills due to accidents or emergencies.

Our fund can provide up to £300 (inclusive of VAT) towards treatment costs if you do not have the financial means to fund treatment, providing that:

  • your pet’s prognosis is good
  • treatment preserves a good quality of life
  • any surgery is anticipated to be curative

Within the cost limits, euthanasia is also included (excluding private cremation with return of ashes), either as the sole treatment or the conclusion of a course of treatment.

How can I apply for the Veterinary Care Fund?

Our Veterinary Care Fund can only be applied for by your vet practice – we are unable to take applications for your pet directly from you. This is because your vet will need to assess your pet’s eligibility against our criteria to access funding. Any contribution that we can make will be made directly to your vet practice who will deduct the amount from your pet’s treatment costs.

If you require assistance with veterinary care costs, we recommend you speak to your vet to make them aware of the scheme and ask them to contact us for further information or guidance.

If your practice is willing to sign up to the scheme, they can do so via a simple online form. The practice will assess your pet’s eligibility against the scheme’s guiding principles. Providing that the criteria is met, and you as the owner are aware of any additional or ongoing costs, we would then encourage the practice to offer the funding.

Please be aware that it is the practice’s decision to apply for funding. It will be based on their veterinary assessment and professional opinion of your pet’s clinical needs and relevant considerations. Their decision is final and we are unable to change this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing that the treatment your pet requires preserves a good quality of life, has a good prognosis and any surgery required is anticipated to be curative, then your vet practice can apply for funding on your behalf.

Our maximum contribution is £300 (inclusive of VAT) towards your pet’s treatment costs.

Generally, a practice can make an application for funding towards your pet’s treatment once in a 12 month period.

Funding is paid directly to your vet practice who will deduct our contribution from your pet’s treatment costs.

This will be a decision made by your vet practice. We recommend you speak with them to understand all the options available to you and your pet if you cannot afford ongoing treatment, or treatment costs over and above our contribution amount.

We recommend you speak to your local practice and make them aware of our scheme if they are not already. The practice can contact us and we can provide further information, or they can locate the information on our website.

Please ask your pets registered practice to contact us on 0300 777 1988 or by email and we can discuss the scheme with them to see if they would like to join.

They can find out all about the fund by visiting our dedicated practice information page.

Yes, your data and your pet’s medical history and treatment charges will be provided to us by your vet as part of the application process for funding. We may use this data to contact you to either give help in relation to your pet’s funding request, or to request your help by sharing your pet’s story or becoming a supporter of the charity.