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Volunteer with our Pet Bereavement Support Service

Our Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS) has provided vital emotional support and practical information to help pet owners with feelings of grief and loss for the past 25 years.

14,199 calls and emails in 2020

Grieving for the loss of a pet, whether through death, parting, enforced separation, or any form of loss of a pet, can be a sad and difficult experience. We have supported pet owners for a quarter of a century and also provide training to employees at veterinary practices and Guide Dog centres.

Working from home, providing a minimum of one shift a week our volunteers provide emotional support and practical information by telephone or email to help pet owners (and others in contact with pet owners) to overcome feelings of grief and loss.

This is a very emotional role as our service receives some very distressing calls and messages, so it’s not for everyone but If you have the right skills to show genuine empathy and warmth in conversations and emails, you could provide valuable and unforgettable support to our clients.

25 years our PBSS helpline has been running

These roles come with an eight-week distance learning training course and you will become part of and be fully supported by the highly trained and experienced PBSS team based in Burford. The role is flexible and so can fit around a busy lifestyle, and you can either be an email or phone volunteer. All volunteers will need access to a computer and landline at home.

If you'd like to find out more, read about Jackie's experience of how finding comfort in talking about her late cat, Max, led to her becoming a volunteer.

Click here to apply to be either an email or phone volunteer

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