3,000 Squats in August Terms & Conditions

Entrants 18 years of age and over: By joining the 3,000 Squats in August Challenge Group, you certify you have read and accepted the terms and conditions for participation in this event. 

Entrants under 18 years of age: By joining the 3,000 Squats in August Challenge Group, you certify you are the parent/guardian of this entrant who is under 18 years and give your consent for them to participate in this event. You accept the terms and conditions for participation of the event on behalf of the entrant and declare them as capable of completing the sum of 3,000 squats in a month. 

All entrants: Entrants are aware that they will only receive a t-shirt if they have completed the form to do so. T-shirts are mailed second class post to the address provided on registration. 

By taking part in the 3,000 Squats in August Challenge, entrants declare they are physically fit and able to participate in this event and are able to complete the exercises they have nominated. Entrants are not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will prevent participation in this event or will affect their health by participation. 

Entrants acknowledge that this is a virtual activity and that Blue Cross will not track or verify results or provide volunteers, marshals or medical personnel assistance to any entrant. 

Entrants consent to royalty-free use of their name, result, image, photographs, video and comments in any publications and marketing in relation to this event by Blue Cross. 

Recorded by Blue Cross. You further consent to receiving information about entry and the event is only valid for the details listed on the entry form and is not transferable.  

Blue Cross confirm that entry is only valid for the details listed on the entry form and is non-transferable. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, entrants release Blue Cross from all claims connected with participation. Entrants indemnify Blue Cross, sponsors, volunteers, and employees involved in this event directly or indirectly against all liability for any and all injury, loss or damage connected with the entrant’s participation. 

For an entry to be valid to receive a t-shirt, entrants must complete the official entry form. 

Entrants accept that participation in this event is at their own risk and they accept that participating in this event may involve real risk of injury or death. 

Entrants acknowledge they will participate and complete the exercises in a manner chosen by them, at locations chosen by them and at their own risk. 

Blue Cross cannot be held responsible for lost t-shirt’s in the post, replacements may be considered dependant on stock levels. 

Coronavirus restrictions: By entering this event you agree to adhere to social distancing regulations and advice. You agree to follow the government guidelines applicable at the time of the event. 

— Page last updated 18/06/2021