An old, greying staffie looks towards the camera. In the background are shelves full of pet food.

Donate to our pet food banks

We’re running Blue Cross pet food banks to help make sure no pet has to go hungry and to keep them where they belong – with their loving families.

You can help keep these pets fed and in happy homes. Donate today.

A woman in a Blue Cross uniform reaches out to take a pet food tin off a shelf

If you have any pet food you can spare, or you wouldn’t mind adding an extra can or bag when you do your weekly shop, please bring it to your participating Blue Cross charity shop, rehoming centre or animal hospital. Other items like bedding, treats or even collars and leads are also very gratefully received.

We’ve partnered with Pets at Home to place pet food donation stations in every store. All donations collected by your local Pets at Home store go to food banks in your local community.

If you're struggling to afford to feed your pet, find out how to get help from our pet food banks.

A woman's hand picks out a tin of dog food from a basket filled with tins and packets of dog and cat food

Donate to a pet food bank

Your donation will help us continue to run these urgently needed pet food banks and transform the lives of vulnerable pets across the UK. Money raised by this appeal will go directly to supporting our pet food banks and in the unlikely event we exceed the required funds for this appeal, we will allocate the funds to other projects to further the work of Blue Cross.

— Page last updated 28/02/2024