Cat sock toy

How to make a sock cat toy

With just a sock and some paper you can make a toy your cat will love.

You may have seen your cat kicking their toys during playtime. This is an instinctive behaviour that keeps their predatory skills sharpened. While there are toys that are made for this type of play, they can be costly. Fortunately, we have a cheap and easy-to-make alternative!

What you'll need:

  • A clean long sock
  • Something to stuff it with, like newspaper, packing paper or plastic bags

How to make your cat a sock toy

  1. Get your single sock and stuff it with your chosen material around two thirds of the way
  2. Once you’ve stuffed it, tie a knot tightly at the end of your sock to hold everything in place

Now give it to your cat to enjoy! Encouraging your pet to wrestle on this toy provides both mental and physical stimulation, and means your furniture and legs are saved from excited claws.

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• 30 June 2023

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