How to crate train your puppy

A crate can be of huge benefit to a puppy arriving in a new home. It helps to give them their own safe space where they can take themselves off to, should they need a break. 

Choosing your crate

  • Wire crates are better for pups than material ones because of the risk of tears from their needle-sharp teeth. 
  • It should be used as a nice place to be, so will need to be big enough for when your puppy grows up with space for food, water, bedding and toys.

Introducing your crate to your puppy

Getting them used to the crate is really important. It should be a positive place to be and not used as a punishment. 

Step one: To begin with, you will need to prepare your crate by placing a comfy bed, blankets, water and toys (show these being added on screen). You can also add a blanket over the top, for extra cosiness.

Step two: Next up, leave the door open and allow them to go in and out of their own accord, until they are comfortable. 

Step three:  From here, you can gradually start to close the door when your puppy is in the crate for a few seconds at a time. Slowly build up the time the door is closed. 

Give your puppy a long lasting chew or Kong toy which they can enjoy when they are in there to encourage them to relax.

If a crate is introduced slowly then they are a great addition to helping your new puppy feel at home. Down time is as important as socialisation time, so a crate can be a great place for your puppy to sleep and relax without being disturbed.  

— Page last updated 30/05/2023