Bringing your new puppy home

With the big day fast approaching you might be anxious about picking up your puppy and bringing them home for the first time.

Below are some of our top tips on how to make your puppy’s first experience with your family a positive one.

Choose a suitable time to bring a puppy home

The first few days are going to be an adjustment for both you and your puppy and you’ll need to be at home to settle them in. During this period of time it’s best not to allow too many visitors so that your puppy doesn’t feel overwhelmed with new people and experiences.

Remain calm

When you arrive at the breeder’s home try to remain calm, relaxed and positive to reassure your new pup before taking them away.

Gain their confidence

Take time to sit or play with your puppy to gain their confidence while talking through their current routine with the breeder. It’s a good idea to ask the breeder to provide a blanket that has familiar smells on it to help settle your puppy during the journey home.

Meal time

It’s a good idea to pick your puppy up at least one hour after they have eaten their meal. This can help reduce the chance of any travel sickness so that your pup’s first travel experience is a positive one.

Think travel safety

Make sure you have a crate or a harness to transport your puppy safely and ensure you don’t travel in really hot conditions for long periods. The crate will need to be big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around easily.

Travel breaks

If your journey is long, you’ll need to stop regularly for your pup to take toilet breaks and to keep them hydrated. Be aware that your new puppy won’t be fully vaccinated, so avoid areas where lots of dogs have been. 

Never leave your puppy in the car unattended

Dogs can quickly overheat and may become anxious if left alone in a car! You also run the risk of exposing your dog to thieves. 

— Page last updated 30/05/2023