How to puppy proof your home and garden

Puppies explore the world through their mouths. This is completely normal behaviour, especially with teething puppies, but it can be a pain and a potential health risk if your dog is chewing on the wrong things.

While puppy proofing can be expensive and time-consuming, it’s worth it to keep your pup safe.

Ideally you’ll have your home and garden puppy-proofed before you bring them home with you for the first time so that they can’t get up to any mischief while you are making it safe for them.

Household dangers to dogs

  • Wires and cables pose a real risk. Never leave a puppy unattended in a room with live wires to appliances.
  •  All food needs be kept out of reach. Some human food, like chocolate and grapes, can be lethal to your pup.
  • Lock away medicines and cleaning products 
  • Ensure that chairs are kept away from other surfaces like tables or worktops to prevent climbing adventures

It’s a good idea to use puppy stair gates in the house so that you can keep a close eye on your pup, and a crate is a great way of knowing your puppy can’t get into trouble when they’re unsupervised.

Garden dangers for dogs

  • Fencing must be secured and remember puppies love to dig as well as climb
  • Toxic plants also need fencing off or removing, as well as safely locking away slug pellets and weed killer
  • Composting food can also be extremely dangerous, so a compost bin with a screw on top will stop your puppy from eating anything they shouldn’t

While you are getting your garden ready for your puppy, you may wish to use extendable pens for outside areas as a fun, safe place for your puppy to have some time in the fresh air.

Boredom busters

You can keep your dog entertained indoors with toys such as Kongs that help to prevent boredom as well as training and games to keep their busy minds active and occupied.

— Page last updated 26/05/2023