Dog at the beach with tennis ball

Top five things to do with your dog this bank holiday

Everyone loves a bank holiday and many of us will be planning on spending this one getting out and exploring with our four-legged friends.
We’ve got some top ideas for you and your dog this bank holiday come rain or shine!

Visit the seaside

If the sun decides to make an appearance, a trip to the beach is a perfect way to spend a day with your dog. But not all coastlines in the UK are geared up for our four-legged friends during the summer months, so we’ve created a list of top dog-friendly beaches for you to explore!

Scent work

Feeling like a chilled out bank holiday? Keep your dog entertained at home by using their natural instinct to sniff and turning it into a game. We have a packed list of nose games for you to try with your dog.

Involve the family by making a snuffle mat for your dog and watching them unearth all the hidden treats…we promise it’s easier than it sounds with our step-by-step guide.

Take a train journey

Get out and about and explore what Britain has to offer this bank holiday. Thanks to our super friendly train services, you can take your dog just about anywhere, making it easy to get away for the weekend or go on a day trip. 

See our advice on taking your dog on a train for training and tips.

Kong recipes

Indulging in a take away and feeling sorry that your pet can’t join in with you?

Kongs offer a perfect way of treating your dog while keeping them mentally stimulated, and we have plenty of fun Kong recipes to try out on your dog!

If you’re giving your dog a stuffed Kong as a treat, remember to feed them less at dinner so they don’t get fat.

Visit the woods

More of an avid explorer than a beach person? Then a trip to the woods is calling you!

Woods and forests are lots of fun and provide a great opportunity to enjoy adventures or simply a leisurely stroll with your dog. No matter the time of year, you never know what terrific sights await you around each twist and turn of a woodland path.

We have our top 10 woodland walks for you and your dog on our website.

Whatever you get up to this bank holiday, be sure to share your adventures with us over on Twitter – happy holidays!

— Page last updated 26/05/2023