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Top 10 Kong recipes for dogs

Kongs are a fantastic way to keep busy minds active for long periods of time and improve your dog’s state of mind by using their natural instinct to hunt for their food.

If you want to give this a go, we have lots of recipes for you to try out!


  • If you’re giving your dog a stuffed Kong as a treat, remember to feed them less at dinner so they don’t get fat
  • Introduce new foods slowly over time

What you’ll need:

  • Kong or a Kong tyre (depending on which one your dog finds most fun)
  • A spoon and a butter knife to stuff the mixture in
  • A blender or a masher
  • Wooden spoon for mixing
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cling film for frozen recipes

Tip: The size of the Kong will depend on the size of your dog. Give your dog the right amount for their size/weight and keep any leftovers for them to tuck into another day!

Five savoury Kong recipes

  • Breakfast to go: Scramble two eggs and add little chunks of cheddar cheese
  • Quick lunch: One tin of salmon mixed with two tbsp runny coconut oil
  • Bubble and squeak: One medium cooked, mashed sweet potato with 30g peas and one tbsp of soft cheese
  • Health nut: One tin of tuna, 55g cooked rice and one tbsp of cottage cheese
  • Seasonal chicken: One small pumpkin cooked and mashed with pieces of cooked chicken

Five sweet Kong recipes

  • Peanut, yo!: Plain yoghurt mixed with peanut butter (half and half)
  • Banana split: 120g plain yoghurt, one mashed banana and one tbsp peanut butter
  • Fruity oats: 90g rolled oats, 250g apple sauce, one chopped banana and one tsp peanut butter
  • Greek treat: 50g blueberries and 120g plain Greek yoghurt 
  • Strawbe-licious: 50g strawberries, 90g rolled oats and 120g plain yoghurt

Note: Peanut butter must be xylitol free as xylitol is toxic to dogs

Frozen Kong recipes – for the more seasoned Kongers

Okay, so we said we’d give you 10 recipes but, if your dog is a pro at using a Kong, freezing it can hugely increase the time it takes them to work their food out of the toy.

Frozen Kongs are perfect for those hot summer days to help dogs cool down but can also help with behavioural issues like separation anxiety.

Top tip: Pop something to act as a stopper (such as a dry treat) on the hole at the bottom so food can’t get out when it freezes. Wrap your Kong in cling film so the mixture can set in the freezer without spilling.

Frozen Kong recipes for dogs

  • Peanut fro-yo: Half peanut butter and half yoghurt
  • Easy like Sunday morning: Wet dog food – nice and simple!
  • Seasonal treat: One tbsp soft cheese, 50g cooked pumpkin and 80g wet dog food
  • Dogs dinner: 120g cooked rice, 100ml chicken stock (no salt) with 40g peas and 40g carrots (blended)

Bark appetite!


— Page last updated 05/08/2021

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