Small tunnel

How to make a small animal tunnel

A small animal tunnel provides your pet with a great opportunity to forage.

Every small pet needs entertaining, and this little tunnel will definitely keep them busy. Hamsters and gerbils in particular enjoy chewing – watch them nibble away at the hay and food before playing with the roll. Not only will it enrich their accommodation, but it’s also very cheap and quick to make!


Remember that small pets only have little bellies. Provide food enrichment in moderation and, if necessary, adjust their meal sizes accordingly when giving them a treat tunnel.

What you'll need:

  • A cardboard inner tube of a toilet roll
  • Soft, digestible hay
  • Scissors
  • Your pets favourite food (gerbils and hamsters are particularly fond of mealworms!)

How to make your small pet a tunnel

  1. Cut an incision down the entire length of the tube. This will prevent your pet from getting stuck.
  2. Cut notches of varying thickness on each end, about 2cm long. Bend the flaps outwards.
  3. Fill the roll with hay, stuffing in some of your pet's food if you wish.

Now you can place the tunnel inside your pets play area or housing!

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• 2 February 2024

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