Small tunnel

How to make a small animal tunnel

Even small pets need entertaining, and this little tunnel will keep them busy. Not only will it enrich their living environment, but it’s also very cheap and quick to make. Making it a great rainy day activity!

You will need:

  • A cardboard inner tube of a toilet roll
  • Soft digestible hay
  • Scissors
  • Treats (optional)

How to make your small pet a tunnel

Follow these basic three steps to create your very own tunnel for your small pet.

Step one: Get your toilet roll inner tube and cut notches of varying thickness on each end, about 2cm long. Bend the flaps outwards.

Step two: Cut one incision down the entire length of the tube to avoid your pet getting stuck

Step three: Fill the roll with hay – you can even add a few treats if you like. Place in your pet’s play area or cage.


Depending on the species of small pet that you have, remember that they only have little bellies, so feed treats only on occasion and in very small amounts in line with how much they've already eaten that day.

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— Page last updated 09/06/2022