A white baby rabbit snuggles up to a baby brown rabbit on a bed of soft hay

​Rabbits and fireworks

Rabbits are easily stressed by bangs, whizzes and other loud noises. Keep your bunny happy on Bonfire Night and beyond with our top tips.

  1. Give your rabbit lots of extra bedding so they can burrow down in it and get cosy. You could put a cardboard box full of hay, with holes cut in for easy access and exit, in their hutch to give them an extra place to hide.
  2. Bring your rabbits’ hutch or cage indoors. A quiet room is best, but an unused garage or shed is a good alternative if you can’t bring them into your house.
  3. If you can’t bring your pets inside, turn their enclosure around so it faces a wall or fence instead of the open garden. This will help to stifle the sound and prevent them from seeing the flashes of light. Cover their hutch with thick blankets or a duvet to block out the sound of the bangs and the sight of the fireworks, but make sure your pet still has enough ventilation.
  4. If you have a house rabbit or you are able to bring your pet inside, draw the curtains or black out the windows to block out the flashes of light in the night sky.
  5. Close the windows to muffle the sound from outside. Switching the TV or radio on might help too, but make sure it’s not too loud – especially if your rabbit isn’t used to noises from the television.
  6. Rabbits are social animals so keep them with the companion they’re familiar with to limit the stress of firework phobia.

Watch our video on fireworks and our pets to find out more.

— Page last updated 27/01/2023