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Bequeathed is an easy, safe way to create your Will online.

Having an up to date Will is the only way to ensure your affairs are in order and the people and causes you care about are looked after when you’re gone.

We understand family, friends and loved ones come first, but the pets and people we help each year would be extremely grateful if you would consider supporting us with a gift in your Will.

How it works to make a Will with Bequeathed

  1. Complete the online Will interview, with support and guidance available throughout the process
  2. Immediately receive automated legal advice in the form of recommendations, and sometimes requirements, from Bequeathed’s Solicitors
  3. Book a legal appointment to discuss any of these in more detail. Or, if a free basic Will is suitable for you, choose the convenience of receiving it without an appointment.
  4. Receive your Will with a Letter of Advice summarising the advice you’ve been given, along with instructions on signing your Will in front of a witness

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About Bequeathed

With Bequeathed you can make a start on your Will For Good immediately. Just go online any time that suits you, register and complete the online Will interview.

If you need help, you can search hundreds of guidance articles, use online chat or book a support call.

Once the online interview is complete, you’ll receive online legal advice tailored to your circumstances. This will be in the form of recommendations, and sometimes requirements, from Bequeathed’s in-house Solicitor.

You can book a free legal appointment to discuss any of these in more detail, then decide if you’d like to go ahead with a free basic Will or pay for the additional protection discussed. Or, as long as a free basic Will is suitable for your circumstances, you can choose the convenience of having your Will delivered straight to your inbox.

However you choose to complete it, you’ll receive your Will along with instructions on signing it correctly in front of witnesses. You’ll also receive a Letter of Advice summarising everything you’ve been told, and setting out what your Will does and doesn’t do.

Please consider leaving a gift to Blue Cross when you make your Will For Good. Your generosity will help care for the UK’s most vulnerable pets long into the future.

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We’re proud to partner with this great Will provider, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some Will-makers had to say about using Bequeathed.

"This is an excellent service. I didn’t realise that it was so easy to do. I had an unusual request to put in my Will so had to seek guidance which was sorted in no time. Thanks to all concerned. I will definitely recommend this service to friends."

"Amazing service. Makes a daunting and complex process incredibly simple. Fantastic, knowledgeable and helpful staff available to help quickly and efficiently. And financed by charities, so encouraged you (very unforcefully) to donate to those charities in your Will, which seems like an entirely fair deal. The team were fantastic. Highly recommended."

— Page last updated 26/06/2024